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CIRCOT Technologies

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CIRCOT has served the cotton community over the nine long decades since its inception, by reorienting itself to suit the changing needs of its stakeholders. CIRCOT has spearheaded and sustained the research and development of technologies and machineries for the postharvest processing of cotton. CIRCOT has diversified expertise in utilization of other natural fibres like Banana and Coconut for technical applications, and has also started pioneering work in nonwoven technology, natural fibre based composites. CIRCOT has forayed into field of nanotechnology, plasma technology and is researching to develop environment-friendly textile processes using these break-through technologies. CIRCOT is fully aware of its strategic role in transferring the developed technologies timely to the stakeholders. It has set up a vibrant and active Business Promotion and Development (BPD) Unit which is also providing incubation facilities to potential entrepreneurs along with transferring of technology through various methods.

Products and technologies developed at ICAR-CIRCOT and available for utilisation by all segments of stakeholders are presented here.

Sr. No. Title
1 Utilization of Tender Coconut Husk for Dyeing of Natural Fibre / Fabric
2 Nano-finishing to Impart Flame Retardancy and UV-Protective Functionalities
3 Surface Modification Using Nano technology to Impart Super Hydrophobicity
4 Nanocomposite Films for Food Packaging
5 RFID Technology for Cotton Bale Tagging (Application of ICT in Cotton Sector)
6 Development of CIRCOT-Phoenix Charkha for spinning banana fibres
7 Calibration Cotton
8 Multi-axial Electrospinning Set-up for producing Nano Fibre Mat
9 Lint Opener for Micronaire (Fineness) Testing
10 Use of Plant Extracts for Dyeing and Imparting Ultraviolet Protective and Antibacterial Properties to Cotton Textiles
11 Natural Plant Extract Based Flame Retardant Finishing for Cotton Textiles
12 Plasma Technology for Hydrophobic Finishing of Cellulosic Textiles
13 Nano Lignocellulose Based Composites
14 Jute Based Bio-composites
15 Energy from Biomass
16 Micro Encapsulated Herbal Formulation for Mosquito Repellant Textile
17 Innovative Cotton Rich Blends and Finishes for Improved Functionality
18 Antimicrobial Bedsheets
19 Chemo Mechanical Process for production of nanocellulose on Pilot Scale
20 Green Products from Banana Pseudostem Fibre Pulp
21 Self-Grooving Rubber Roller for DR Gin
22 Single Locking Cotton Feeder (SLCF) for improving Ginning efficiency of DR gin
23 Process Protocol for Ginning of Machine Picked Cotton
24 On-Board Pre-cleaner for Mechanically Picked Cotton
25 Process Protocol for ginning Indian Cotton in High Speed Rotary Knife Gin
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