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Institute Research Council (IRC)

Institute Research Council is the main technical monitoring mechanism of research projects in the Institute. The IRC has director of the Institute as the chairman and the scientists as Members. The IRC generally meets twice a year and monitors the on-going research projects in the Institute. Two meetings of IRC are held annually viz. Half Yearly IRC reviews the progress of research during April - September; Annual IRC which reviews the progress of individual projects covering one year period from April of a year to March of the next year.

Powers and functions of the Staff Research Council

  • Consideration and evaluation of the new research projects
  • Consideration and evaluation of the on-going Projects
  • Advise on the fostering of linkages between the Groups/Divisions/Institutes in respect of multi-disciplinary Projects / multi-locational Projects
  • Monitor the follow up action on the recommendations of Quinquennial Review Team (QRTS) with respect to technical programmes of the Institute
  • Any other function as may be assigned to it by the Director of the Institute or the Director-General, ICAR
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