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Mission & Vision

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CIRCOT has served the cotton community over the nine long decades since its inception, by reorienting itself to suit the changing needs of its stakeholders. CIRCOT has spearheaded and sustained the research and development of technologies and machineries for the postharvest processing of cotton. The Institute is widely recognized for its contribution in testing, standardization and development of test methods for different types of textile materials. Presently, CIRCOT has diversified its expertise to research in utilization of other natural fibres like Banana and Coconut for technical applications, and has also started pioneering work in nonwoven technology, natural fibre based composites. CIRCOT is committed to develop environment-friendly textile processes using advances in the field of nanotechnology, plasma technology and is researching to these break-through technologies. The Institute has the following vision, mission and mandate:


Global Excellence in Cotton Technology


To Provide Scientific and Managerial interventions to Post-Harvest Processing and Value Addition to Cotton and Utilization of its By-Products to Maximize Economic, Environmental and Societal benefits.


  • Basic and Strategic Research on Processing Cotton and its Agro-Residues, Development of Value Added Products and Quality Assessment
  • Skill Development and Business Incubation Services and Function as Referral Laboratory for Cotton Fibres
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