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Lecture on 'Agrobiodiversity for Nutrition, Climate Change and Livelihood' by Shri Sanjay Patil -Chief Programme Executive - BAIF (Pune)

Lecture on 'Agrobiodiversity for Nutrition, Climate Change and Livelihood' by Shri Sanjay Patil -Chief Programme Executive - BAIF (Pune)

Vivant hosted a program to mark its Foundation Day celebrations at the ICAR-CIRCOT (Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology), Matunga, Mumbai. The event was doubly significant as ICAR-CIRCOT also celebrates its centenary year.

The evening began with Shri Anand Jadhav welcoming the participants on behalf of the Director and CIRCOT. He highlighted the institute's role in cotton research as well as other agro produce.

This was followed by Dr. Sanjeev Shevade, founder of Vivant UntamedEarth, reflecting on the Organization's 6-year journey in conservation of biodiversity , through awareness and educational activities. This focus unfolded through pictorial documentation of city's flora and fauna and diverse citizen science initiatives over time.

Dr Shevade also highlighted their ongoing initiatives and future programmes, including ‘Sagar Majha Sakha - My friend, the Ocean’, the Inaugural Edition of the ‘Mumbai Butterfly Meet 2023’, and the e - magazine ‘Vanyadhara' - by nature lovers for nature lovers !

The highlight of the event was the keynote address by Shri Sanjay Patil, Chief Programme Executive - Agrobiodiversity at BAIF Development Research Foundation. With over 18 years of experience, Shri. Patil captivated the audience with insights on the critical role of agrobiodiversity in ensuring nutritional security and sustainable livelihoods in the face of climate change. His talk, titled "Agrobiodiversity for Nutrition, Climate Change and Livelihood’, covered the importance of indigenous crops, traditional food systems, and the future of millets. It opened doors to a different world and it was heartening to meet the new heroes from our hinterland who are involved in this challenging task of preserving the indigenous seeds through their efforts.

BAIF's work with grassroots innovations and community-managed programs was a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of rural communities.

Another highlight was the exhibition which showcased over 250 varieties of indigenous crops, including rice, millets, sorghum, pulses, vegetables and native fruit varieties. Attendees had the opportunity to explore seed exhibits, research articles, and photographic highlights of rural community efforts in conserving regional agrobiodiversity.

The event concluded with a dynamic discussion, where participants engaged with Shri Sanjay Patil on the challenges of agrobiodiversity conservation and the vital role of urban consumers in these efforts.

As the celebration wrapped up with group photos and exchanges of contacts, a powerful message resonated with all: the importance of community engagement in preserving our environment.

We invite you to take active roles to support sustainable agricultural practices as well as conservation efforts, locally, by educating about the rich biodiversity that sustains us all.

Do share your thoughts on how this initiative can be taken further and farther... eg an urban consumer connect for such agri produce, follow up programmes etc. Such thoughts are the seeds of further initiatives and programmes powered by citizen involvement.

Together, we can make a significant impact in conservation and safeguarding our planet for future generations.

The introduction, the Q and A, followed by ‘vote of thanks’ was beautifully managed by Ar Vaishnavi Kalzunkar and Smt Kirti Wani.

TheUntamedEarth was represented by Smt Prachi Tillu, Dr Ujwala Shevade, Ar Vaishnavi Kalzunkar, Smt Smita Shevade, Smt Kirti wani, Shri Madan Tillu, Shri Kishor Thakur, Shri Gaurav Soman and Dr Sanjeev Shevade.

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