Value Addition to Naturally Coloured Cotton


  • Commonly cotton lint is white. But, some cotton varieties bear colours.
  • Naturally Coloured Cotton (NCC) is naturally pigmented fibre that grows in shades of brown, green, tan, blue, black etc.
  • Vaidehi-95 developed by ICAR-CICR, Nagpur with properties Lint Colour: Dark Brown; UHML: 21.4mm,Micronaire Value: 3.4; Fibre strength: 22.6 g/tex is used for product development

Value Added Products from NCC

  • ICAR-CIRCOT took up the challenge for commercialization of these varieties and successfully developed technology to spin good quality yarn though the cotton grown has short staple length.
  • Various products from this fabric such as Jackets, Handkerchiefs, Infant wears have been developed out of NCC spun yarn.
  • These products are 100% chemical free, has very high wash durability (due to inherent colour), soft feel and skin friendly.

Advantages of NCC

  • The fabric has inherent anti-microbial, UV protective and better comfort properties
  • Farm to fabric conversion without chemical processing

Collaboration with SAU to increase the Availability

  • Availability of NCC is very limited due to limited cultivation
  • ICAR-CIRCOT signed MoU with Dr. PDKV Akola (SAU) to cultivate NCC in 25 hectares of land to increase the availability of the lint.

Technology Commercialization

  • The Agri-Business Incubation (ABI) Centre of the institute is promoting entrepreneurship and incubation of startups for “Product Diversification of Naturally Coloured Cotton” in line with ‘Make in India’ Program.
  • M/s Kotak Commodities, Mumbai registered with ICAR-CIRCOT-ABI Centre as Incubatee for commercialization and popularizing different products from Naturally Coloured Cotton.

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