Testing Services

ICAR-CIRCOT is one of the world’s renowned cotton testing laboratories and it is the only referral laboratory in our country for testing cotton textiles. Testing laboratories of CIRCOT has accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi since 1999. CIRCOT’s state of the art laboratories have facilities for testing over 178 tests on different textile materials. These facilities are open to all stake holders including textiles mills, government departments and academic institutions. CIRCOT is one of the two Indian laboratories recognized by the Bureau International pour la Standardisation des Fibres Artificielles (BISFA), an international association of man-made fibre producers, for testing man made fibres.

Test House

Commercial testing of samples of textile items viz., fibre, yarn, fabric, garments, made-ups and textile auxiliaries are done at ICAR-CIRCOT. Testing is done for various physical, mechanical, chemical parameters. All these tests are done through the Test House. Test House a single window facility to receive samples for testing, accepting testing charges and also to dispatch results of the testing to the party.

The General Rules of ICAR-CIRCOT Test House


  • Samples are received for tests during working hours between 10.00am and 5.00pm.
  • Samples are tested and reports issued, generally, in the order in which they are received.
  • The amount of fee should be paid either through NEFT/RTGS, cheque (at par)/ Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favour of the Director, Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology. However, in the case of Government departments and public sector undertakings the samples may be accepted without advance payment. However, the test report will only be issued after the test fees are received.
  • The balance material after testing will not be returned unless a specific request is made to that effect by the parties at the time of submitting the samples for test. The balance material is expected to be taken back within one month of the issue of the Test Report, beyond which the material will not be preserved.
  • Samples will be received for tests only if the minimum size and conditions prescribed for each test are satisfied. However, in special cases where samples found to be below the specified size may be accepted for testing.  But the test certificates issued will have “SAMPLE BELOW REGULATION SIZE” mentioned on them. There is no change in the test fees for such samples.
  • Samples for X-ray Diffraction Radial Scan, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), etc. are accepted subject to the suitability of the samples for the tests. A certificate about the non-toxic nature of the samples should be submitted along with the samples.
  • The Director, ICAR-CIRCOT, may refuse to accept any sample or goods for testing without assigning any reason.
  • The samples for tests must have the necessary identification number / mark / label. All relevant details of the samples may be furnished in the forwarding letter along with the samples.
  • Priority Testing Facility is available against payment of an additional test fee of 50% over and above the fee given in the Schedule of Test Fees. Samples submitted under Priority Testing will be taken up for testing as soon as it is received at the Test House.
  • Tests not mentioned in this Schedule of Test Fees may be done on request, subject to the availability of facilities. Fee for such tests will be fixed on an ad hoc basis.

Our Customers

The Test House caters to the needs of a wide range customers from Trade & Industry, Government and academic sectors. Central and State Government organizations such as Indian Railways, Defense & Police establishments are among the clients of the Test House. State government bodies like Municipal Corporations, Education Departments, and Health Departments avail testing facilities of ICAR-CIRCOT. Educational institutions like reputed engineering colleges, agricultural universities across India are clients of the Test House. From the side trade & industry; reputed Buying Houses and leading Departmental Stores, etc., are utilizing the testing facilities of CIRCOT.

How to contact Test House

Officer In-charge of the Test House coordinate all testing activities at the Test House.

Telephone: 022-24127273/ 022-24146002   Ext No. 210
Mobile No.: +91 9137582766 / +91 9987383586
e-mail: test.circot@icar.gov.in , cottontest@rediffmail.com.



Additional Information

  1. Minimum charge per test report ₹ 500/-
  2. Rates are exclusive of GST etc.
  3. 30% discount for commercial testing to students and ICAR Institutes.
  4. Total charges to be rounded to the nearest Rupee.
  5. Payment to be made through E Transfer/Cheque/DD Favouring DIRECTOR, CIRCOT payable at Mumbai.
  6. For further Details contact In-charge, Test House
  7. Telephone: 022-24146002 (Ext.210)
  8. Mobile No. +91 9137582766
  9. e-mail: cottontest@rediffmail.com, test.circot@icar.gov.in .