ICAR-CIRCOT’s Calibration Cotton – A Standard Reference Material of high quality

About the Product

  • High volume instrument (HVI) used for assessing the quality of cotton fibres needs calibration using the Standard Reference Material (SRM), popularly known as ‘Calibration Cotton’.
  • Earlier United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been supplying “Calibration cotton” all over the world; now, ICAR-CIRCOT is also supplying Calibration cotton.
  • ICAR-CIRCOT has developed the indigenous calibration cotton through ICAR revolving fund scheme during 1997 as an import substitute. Since then, it is supplying prepared calibration cotton to spinning mills, cotton trading houses, research institutes, Government agencies and overseas companies.
  • This product has not only served as replacement of import substitute but also a foreign exchange earner
  • Calibration cotton is supplied in a packet containing about 200 g of fibres, with various important fibre properties.
  • ICAR-CIRCOT produces calibration cotton with different UHML (S-4, L-4 and EL-3) and different micronaire (4.8 to 2.8) value of cotton

Impact of the Product

  • ICAR-CIRCOT has customer base of more than 350 satisfied users for this product.
  • Institute has sold 12000 boxes of 200 gm each amounting to Rs.77 lakhs over the years.
High Volume Instrument (HVI)
  • Calibration Cotton is an important import substitute and impacts the income of large number of textile mills in India and abroad.
  • Used in BIS standards.
  • As an indigenous technology at par with quality of international standards and reduces the supply time.

The foreign exchange that got saved is USD 1,15,000.

Contact Details:

The Director

ICAR-CIRCOT, Matunga, Mumbai 400019.

Web: www.circot.icar.gov.in; Email: director.circot@icar.gov.in