ICAR-CIRCOT Portable Laboratory Model Gin

The quality of cotton samples can only be assessed after ginning i.e. separation of fibres from cottonseed. Cotton is ginned in India on commercial size Double Roller (DR) and Saw Gins, which were not feasible for ginning of small cotton samples required for assessing fibre quality attributes. ICAR-CIRCOT Portable Ginning Machines provides the solution for quick ginning of small quantity of cotton samples to assess the fibre quality for the benefit of Cotton traders, graders, ginners and researchers. It helps farmers to obtain seed for sowing.

  • Developed lab size gins
  • CLOY Gin
  • Lilliput Gin
  • HIPRO-High Production gin
  • SR 600-Single Roller (600 mm)  gin
  • Comprises of leather roller, fixed knife, moving knife, seed grid and feeder
  • Single phase electric motor of 0.75 kW

Ginning capacity varies from 5 – 25 kg seed cotton/hour


  • Objective assessment of cotton fibre quality leading to fair pricing to farmers.
  • Import substitute and saves foreign exchange.
  • Useful to gin small samples for assessing fibre quality & ginning percentage
  • Useful to breeders, traders, ginner and farmers (preparing seed for sowing).

Technology Commercialization

  • Licensed to M/s. Precision Tooling Engineers, Nagpur.

Technology Adoption:

  • Adopted in Market yards, Cotton breeders and Seed companies
  • Lab model gin is essential machinery for establishment of a modern ginnery in India under Technology Mission on Cotton.
  • More than 500 lab model gins of different variants are in use now.
  • Exported to USA, Afghanistan and several African nations.

Impact of the Technology

  • Helps in lint based Marketing. Installed in APMC, Hinganghat, Maharashtra to promote lint based marketing. One percentage increase in GP value (Over and above 34%) will fetch minimum additional premium rate of Rs. 100/-per quintal.

Contact Details:

The Director

ICAR-CIRCOT, Matunga, Mumbai 400019.

Web: www.circot.icar.gov.in; Email: director.circot@icar.gov.in