ICAR-CIRCOT Cotton Lint Opener

Cotton quality parameters are essential in determining the market value of the cotton and its use along the cotton value chain. The fibre quality parameters viz., Length, Strength, Micronaire etc., are assessed using High Volume Instruments (HVI). The cotton samples, drawn from densely packed bales, for quality assessment should be opened up without any quality deterioration for the accuracy of the measurement. Generally, cotton sample opening is done manually, which is tedious and also unscientific, or by using a trash analyzer which is time consuming and results in damage to fibres. ICAR-CIRCOT has developed the Cotton Lint Opener to prepare the cotton samples that can be used for quality assessment in modern testing equipment. This machine addresses the technology gap that exists in fibre quality testing laboratories for opening of cotton lint samples to ensure accuracy in the estimation of fibre quality parameters.


  • Indigenously developed Machine for preparing cotton lint samples
  • It gives desired opening to the samples without deterioration in the quality
  • The capacity of the machine is 30 samples per hour

Technology Comemrcialization:        

The technology is licensed to M/s Precision Tooling Engineers, Nagpur for commercial scale production and marketing on Non-exclusive basis. Supplied 7 machines since commercialization in 2018. The product is priced at Rs. 3.00 Lakhs per Unit.

Clientale: All fibre quality testing Laboratories.

Contact Details:

The Director

ICAR-CIRCOT, Matunga, Mumbai 400019.

Web: www.circot.icar.gov.in; Email: director.circot@icar.gov.in