BIS conducted Surveillance Audit for the Institute under ISO 9001:2015

The Bureau of Indian Standards organized a 2 days surveillance audit at the institute for the license given under ISO 9001:2015 during 6-7 September 2022. During the audit opening meeting Dr. Sujata Saxena, Director briefed about important new initiatives taken by the institute for the implementation and maintenance of the ISO standard. Mr. P.K. Kush, the auditor from BIS conducted the surveillance audit in the field of Top management & MR, QEID, CBPD, Administration and Engineering Section. On 7th September, an audit closing meeting was conducted. The auditor has recommended that the institute has implemented the ISO 9001:2015 standard satisfactorily and the license will continue for another year. Dr A S M Raja, Management Representative and Dr. A. Arputharaj, deputy MR coordinated the surveillance audit.