The ICAR launched the All India Coordinated Cotton Improvement Project (AICCIP) in the year 1967 with its Headquarters at Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) to give new thrust and direction in terms of multidisciplinary and multi-centre approaches with the active involvement of State Agricultural Universities. Currently, the AICCIP Project is in operation with its headquarters at Coimbatore and spread over 21 participating Centres involving 15 State Agricultural Universities. The Central Institute for Cotton Research (ICAR), Nagpur and its Regional Stations at Coimbatore and Sirsa provide basic research support and also take part in some of the research and evaluation activities of the AICRP on Cotton. The Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (CIRCOT, ICAR), Mumbai and its Regional units located at Sirsa, Surat , Nagpur , Dharwad, Guntur and Coimbatore are closely associated with AICCIP in assessing the fibre quality parameters of cotton besides ensuring appropriate value addition to cotton. The project has now been renamed as All India Coordinated Research Project on Cotton (AICRP-Cotton).

ICAR-CIRCOT being the partner in the AICRP-Cotton project publishes Cotton Technological Report on quality aspects of cotton samples tested every year

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